Schedules will be posted about 10 days before the State competition. Schedules will be posted on the landing page of each sport on the Summer Games website. Schedules will detail when individual athletes compete in individual sports, and when teams compete in team sports. For individual sports, it is helpful to know the events your athlete is competing in.

Yes! If circumstances change due to COVID, we will update our website.

Masks help slow the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. They are not required, but we strongly encourage you to wear a mask while indoors to help keep our athletes and other attendees safe.

An athlete can compete in one sport per weekend. For example, an athlete can compete in both basketball and swimming, because they are on different weekends. However, an athlete would not be able to compete in basketball and track & field, because they are on the same weekend. Regarding sport specific restrictions on events, a basketball athlete may compete on one team roster OR in individual skills. An athlete may NOT participate on both a team roster AND in individual skills. For swimming, track & field and gymnastics, please see that sport’s specific handbook for any event conflicts.

Meals will be served at basketball, track & field and gymnastics events. Meals will only be available for registered individuals (athletes, Unified partners, coaches)—no additional meal tickets will be available for purchase. Meals will not be served at swimming.

At swimming, multiple locations on campus will be open and available for food purchase. Gymnastics has multiple restaurants in proximity. Basketball and track & field is TBD for on site food purchase availability, but there are multiple restaurants near the facility as well.

Basketball and track & field Opening Ceremonies will be held at 12:15 PM in Athlete Village on Saturday, June 25. Both gymnastics and swimming will hold brief opening ceremonies to kick off the beginning of the day on Saturday, June 18.

Parking at basketball, track & field and gymnastics is on site and free. Parking at swimming is TBD. Basketball, track & field and swimming will have designated areas for bus parking.

Delegations are charged a tournament fee for each registered participant attending the games. Spectators are always free and encouraged to attend!

As we build our programming back from COVID-19, different resources are available to us. We have spread our resources to optimize attendance.

Yes, but no tents may be staked down. Please consult at registration the best place to locate your tent.

We’re working on it and will post it as soon as it’s available!

Swimming – University of St. Thomas

Closest drop-off point for athletes and drivers
Athletes and delegations can park in the Student Center ramp just south of the stadium (A1 on the campus map). There is a call button if you need assistance; otherwise, just pull up to the door and it will open for you. Please display your credentials to park in a handicapped space. Take the elevator to 1st floor, exit the building, and enter the Anderson Recreation Center (#23 on the campus map).

Door number to swimming pool building
The closest entrance is on the south of the building after passing through Monahan Plaza (#27 on the campus map).

Address of swimming pool building
As the Anderson Recreation Center is in the interior of campus, there is no street address. Visitors may park at the intersection of Cretin Avenue and Summit Avenue in St. Paul or anywhere else in the vicinity.

Basketball, track & field and gymnastics – Stillwater and Mini-Hops

Main entrances are accessible at both Stillwater and Mini-Hops with parking available at street level as well.

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