Lodging & meals

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Delegation registration information

For delegations only; meal ticket required
Menu information coming soon!

Breakfast (dorm residents only)
7 a.m.-9 a.m.
Served in The View
Friday (only for delegations staying Thursday night), Saturday & Sunday

10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Served in The View and Monahan Plaza
Friday, Saturday & Sunday

4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
Served in The View
Friday & Saturday

Meals available for delegations staying on campus: Friday breakfast (only for delegations staying Thursday night), lunch and dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner; and Sunday breakfast and lunch

Meals available for delegations NOT staying on campus: Friday lunch and dinner; Saturday lunch and dinner; and Sunday lunch

Food options for purchase at UST

University of St. Thomas - T's logo
grill, sandwiches, sandwiches, salads, snacks, drinks

University of St. Thomas - The Loft logo
coffee and smoothies

University of St. Thomas - Summit Marketplace logo
campus convenience store

O’Shaughnessy Stadium
concessions stand

Anderson Athletics & Recreation Complex
concessions stand

On-Campus Housing at the University of St. Thomas

Please note that staying on campus is optional and delegations are still able to make their own accommodation arrangements.  Final pricing coming soon.

On-campus housing tournament fee* includes:

  • Dorm housing Friday night and Saturday night
  • Seven meals on campus: Friday lunch and dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner; and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

*Thursday night housing

  • Dorm housing Thursday night will be available for an additional cost per person which includes Friday breakfast. Delegations would be responsible for making their own arrangements and paying for Thursday dinner.

Only registered participants (athletes, coaches, Unified Partners) will be allowed to stay on campus. Athletes under the age of 9 will need a release form signed by their parent/guardian.

Dorms are separated by gender. This means males will be in one dorm and females will be in a separate dorm. Coach ratios will need to be maintained by delegation. Each person will have a keycard to access their dorm. Keycards will only provide access for the dorm they are staying in.  Coaches will be able to request an additional keycard for the gender of dorm they are not staying in if needed.  Coaches will need to act as chaperones for their athletes 24/7 while on campus.

Dorms are traditional style rooms with twin beds that will not be lofted. A limited number of apartment style rooms will be available. The dorm will provide beds with a sheet, blanket, pillow, bath towel, wash cloth and soap. The dorm will NOT provide fans, alarm clocks, phones, utensils, clothes hangers, or refrigerators. Delegations will need to provide these items on their own. The dorms are NOT air conditioned.

There are only a limited number of dorm rooms with wheelchair showers, so please keep this in mind if your delegation is thinking about staying on campus.

Questions? Contact Katie Anderson [email protected]

For delegations that are staying off campus, we encourage delegations to search for the accommodations that best fit your needs.  Special Olympics Minnesota does not have hotel blocks reserved.

Questions? Contact Katie Anderson [email protected]

Question: Will there be an option for family members or group home staff to also stay at the dorms for those athletes who can’t stay alone?
Answer: Family members or group home staff can only stay on campus if they’re registered as a coach or Unified Partner with the delegation and have completed the appropriate paperwork.

Q: Many times if teams have to rent a bus for overnight, they have to provide/pay for lodging for the bus driver. Can the bus driver stay at the dorm?
A: Buses are not allowed on campus except to drop off the delegation, so bus drivers won’t be allowed to stay on campus. The delegation will need to provide and pay for lodging for their bus driver

Q: Does the entire delegation need to stay at the dorm, or can some stay there and some in hotels?
A: New in 2019, delegations will be able to split up if some participants want to stay in the dorm and some participants want to stay in hotels. Delegations will be responsible for registering enough coaches to stay on campus in the dorms to meet the coach ratios for the number of athletes staying on campus.  All on campus housing registration information will need to be completed by the HOD or head sport coach.  We are not able to allow individuals to stay on campus without the approval of their delegation and the appropriate coach requirements.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of rooms a delegation can request?
A:  Due to construction on campus, dorm space will be limited this year so delegations should reserve a spot today by emailing [email protected].  The campus will provide rooms for your entire delegation of registered participants that elect to stay on campus. Dorms will be assigned by Special Olympics Minnesota and delegations will assign roommates. Roommate requests may not be able to be accommodated due to the way space is allocated on campus.

Timeline coming soon!

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